"The common thread in all of these varied pieces was Lexi's presence — which seemed to contain a kind of sterling integrity, confidence, goodness, and compassion" 

Anya Saffir, director

"She is — naturally — very funny"

Kristin McCarthy Parker, director of Puffs


Lexi is performing in The Secret Theatre’s “Act One: One Act Festival 2019” in This is the Life of the Man, directed by Peter Charney, co-starring Justin Chesney, Heidi Gleichauf, and Elizabeth Earhart. Of the eight competing shows in their program, This is the Life of the Man is currently in first place - the whole team is grateful for the audience’s support and positivity!

Performances run January 3-11, with festival finalists performing on January 13th at 7pm. Tickets and more information available at SecretTheatre.com



Middle School Dance (Lexi’s improv team) is playing a sold out house at The Magnet on December 3rd. Middle School Dance is comprised of NYC-based improvisers, hailing from UCB, the PIT, and others. Catch Middle School Dance in future evenings of uproarious unpredictable absurdity by following them on social media: @MiddleSchoolDanceImprov

Lexi also completed her certification in single sword with the Society of American Fight Directors this December, and looks forward to swashbuckling endeavors to come.


Enlargement opens at the 2018 NYC Fringe Festival, and is voted a “Best Bet” of the festival by Theasy.com. Lexi plays Pavel, an Eastern European scammer who just wants to sing her patriotic heart out (she choreographed the whole musical, too!). Performances run October 13-23, with tickets available at fringenyc.org.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.00.55 AM.png

In a review on Theasy.com, critics say “the jokes hit—they run fast, whether puns, songs, or both. Whatever it is, the ensemble sells the writing well,” following up with, “Enlargement is a smart, funny musical, and highly recommended”. Join us at this heartfelt musical about…getting bigger!

JULY 2018

Lexi is invited to perform with the first annual Nantucket Emerging Artists Theatre Lab, produced by Conor Bagley (producer: Once On This Island, 2017 Broadway revival). The playwrights will have limited time to write a play upon arrival to Nantucket, and the actors and directing teams will only have 12 hours to fully stage and rehearse these new plays.


In this project, Lexi is appearing in the new work “The Isles of Fae” by Jake Haven Parisse, directed by Susannah Clark. She’ll be playing the stern Queen Arthelia, opposite Samuel Im as her son, Clarent.

Festival of Lies - The Brick Theater, 2018

Festival of Lies - The Brick Theater, 2018

JUNE 2018

Amnesia Wars presents Ciphered Bridges at The Brick (Williamsburg) for their annual Festival of Lies. Ciphered Bridges an exhibition and performance in which accomplished musicians, dancers, and actors improvisationally devise performance pieces, pulling from different suggestions to influence the show each night. Performances run June 16th-June 30th, with information available at BrickTheater.com

MAY 2018

The Lilley Awards are May 21st, 2018, and the performers of the #MeToo monologue series have been invited as guests for their work with the movement. Highlight award recipients of the evening are Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) and comedian Hannah Gadsby.

APRIL 2018

Lexi’s piece with the #MeToo monologue series (previous post) is going to be revived at the National Action Network’s 2018 National Convention, for guests including Rev. Al Sharpton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Sen. Kamala Harris.

March 2018

Lexi will be performing with the National Action Network for their #MeToo monologue series on March 18, 2018. Her piece “Calling Out the Alley Theatre” is directed by Sara Atlas-Ravid, and will be available for live streaming on the NAN’s website here.


2018 has so far been spent opening The Stowaways at the Bay Street Theatre, tickling audiences from the first minute of musical improv, backflipping through quip games, and easing into longform drawing on the classic Harold, with a performative twist. The Stowaways runs through March 17, 2018. See the cast interview on Newsday.com here.

(Left to right) Lexi Orphanos, Sarah Galvin, Winn Klein, Rob Reese, and Jake Haven Parisse.   Photo: Michael Heller

(Left to right) Lexi Orphanos, Sarah Galvin, Winn Klein, Rob Reese, and Jake Haven Parisse.
Photo: Michael Heller

Lexi’s favorite press quote for The Stowaways still stands as, “All the performers were excellent, such as Ms. Orphanos explaining to her mother (Ms. Kline) that she couldn’t hear her advice because she was enveloped by a rubber sheet…” (full article at EastHamptonStar.com)


Lexi joins the cast of The Stowaways at the Bay Street Theatre for an improv comedy contract through March of 2018: “The Stowaways is a crew of hilarious, irreverent, goofballs who simply refuse to utilize a script.  The Stowaways' ridiculous, improv comedy is simultaneously smart, silly, and surprising!”

Tickets and more information at BayStreet.org

Lexi also wraps filming the indie film ECLIPSE: THE RISE OF INK with BokUniverse (production still below)

Lexi Orphanos and David Arquilla in  ECLIPSE  (Bok Universe)

Lexi Orphanos and David Arquilla in ECLIPSE (Bok Universe)


Leading Story headlines the premiere of NYC Webfest 2017, complete with a talkback with the all-female production team. See our full article on the evening at BroadwayWorld.com.

Maddie Moore and Lexi Orphanos in  Leading Story  (Pati Amoroso, Stonestreet Studios)

Maddie Moore and Lexi Orphanos in Leading Story (Pati Amoroso, Stonestreet Studios)


TAG  production still. (left to right) Russell Deiterle, Lexi Orphanos, Stephanie Klein.

TAG production still. (left to right) Russell Deiterle, Lexi Orphanos, Stephanie Klein.

Lexi is playing JAZZ, a kick-ass tag-player in the sci-fi comedy short “TAG” with Team 7 Films. Tag is a ruthless game, and gets between Jazz and Luke’s relationship as the game leads them to their destructive, cosmic fates.

See full TAG info at TAG’s imdb page.

Leading Story (see previous) premieres at Stonestreet Studios on September 20th, 2017.

MAY 2017

Filming wraps on the pilot for Leading Story, produced by Stonestreet Studios. Lexi plays Hannah Gold, a corporate-minded producer who pushes to appease viewers. “This semi-anthology series takes you past the curtain of the oligarchy and into the minds the run the media. Leading Story shows the effects of corruption on our news and political cycle and pits it against the humanity of those tasked with delivering truth.”

Full details on Leading Story here.

APRIL 2017

Lexi is currently starring as VAN'S SISTER (Lucy) Dog Sees God at Under St. Mark's Theatre. The production is being highlighted for its diverse cast and creative team, as produced by Something from Abroad.
Check out BroadwayWorld's article here!
Tickets start at $10 and are available here.

Looking Through the Windows. Photo: Cris Thorne

Looking Through the Windows. Photo: Cris Thorne

Also stay tuned for Lexi's role as Clarissa the flustered law intern in Crizlassic Production's Looking Through the Windows. (Official Selection Newark Film Festival). Learn more on the Crizlasic Productions website.


5tages of a Love Triangle

Lexi is filming the short “5 Stages of Realizing You’re in a Love Triangle” with Elite Daily in partnership with the new series Riverdale. Catch her as the gossip-loving Marissa (complete with the catchphrase “brie me”) on Elite Daily by clicking here.


Lexi is currently starring in a new musical comedy Martha Cipolla for President at the People's Improv Theatre as Mercedes, the internet-loving librarian and campaign fact-checker. Tickets are available at thepit-nyc.com

Also stay tuned for the new comedic web series Dead Air, in which Lexi plays Holly, the virtuous manager of a college radio station.